Do you really want to get something different? You can check the quality and inimitable outlook of these doors visiting our open home site on prior arrangement of the day and time. We offer 3 types of doors for your new home: wood, wood & plastic composite and plastic, furniture for kitchen and living room with your choice of material, colour and design.

Building a new house and looking for good quality and advanced building materials, modern and not expensive furniture, bathroom fittings and vanitory as well as art wall tiles and decorative materials, I noticed that a range of options is very insufficient in New Zealand. Most of the things for my house I brought from different countries. In contact with different manufacturers and multi-product and new technology suppliers, I would like to attract their attention to our “New Land” for  local businesses promotion in their development to upgrade the technologies and learn how to use advanced building materials to withstand earthquake and cold weather reducing the installation and maintenance cost for us, for customers. I seek out a support from New Zealand Ministry of Business and from everybody who is interested in development of our country, to organise the partnerships between NZ and other countries businesses. For this purpose I registered non-commercial on voluntary basis “ New Zealand and Russia Business Partnership Fund”, which is aimed to attract the overseas partners to New Zealand and to introduce NZ product and services for international customers.